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"I receive compliments daily on my teeth, I love them! I really love Dr. Frey and the office; they make me feel like family when I go to my appointments." Carolyn

"Everyone was totally friendly, concerned and wanted to do the best job! I'm very pleased with the quality of work by Dr. Frey and Dr. Comeaux!" Phyllis

"Dr. Frey has an awesome chair side manner. He did a wonderful job with my difficult case, never imagined the great results that I received. The whole staff is wonderful! I would highly recommend Dr. Frey to anyone!" Sherri

"I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Frey's work. It was the greatest experience I've had in any dental office. I would recommend Dr. Frey to everyone!" Norma

"Working with Dr. Frey and his staff was a great experience. From my initial consultation, Dr. Frey demonstrated exceptional knowledge and talent in his profession of Prosthodontics. His staff is always personable and proficient. Dr. Frey is very detailed orientated and is only willing to provide the best results. We spent numerous consultations discussing and evaluating my complicated case. I felt reassured that my dental implants and bridgework would be precise and as natural looking as possible. The results of my dental work exceeded my expectations and gave me a beautiful smile. Dr. Frey and his staff always deliver the highest quality professional care." Tara

"I was incredibly upset and worried when I heard these words: 'You have decay under both sides of your 38-year old bridges and all of that work needs to be replaced.' I became extremely anxious about what I would have to go through, and had no idea of how to go about finding the right 'dentist' to trust with this life-changing (and possibly appearance-changing) event. At that point, I'd never heard of or really knew what a prosthodontist's specialty was. Through conversations with friends and family, I found out about Dr. Frey and that his specialty was what someone with my dental problems required. At the first consultation, I knew that Dr. Frey was exactly the person that I could trust to solve my problem and keep the appearance that I had grown accustomed to seeing in the mirror. I was impressed with the thorough, professional manner that he and his staff exhibited as he worked on a treatment plan for me. He was able to calm and reassure me about every aspect of the restoration processes that I would experience. Dr. Frey is a perfectionist. That trait is the part of his great personality that I most appreciate, as I am totally happy with the restorations he did for me. Thank you, Dr. Frey!" Rhonda

"First of all I have never had a doctor call to check on me after a surgery or procedure was done. Dr. Frey called that day. You cannot ask for a better doctor, Dr. Frey takes the time and listens to your concerns, gets to know you as a person and is very passionate about his work. Dr. Frey explains each step of the treatment in detail. I never had a doctor, any doctor take the time to help me with my gag reflex. To this day I can wear my dentures with no gagging and that is a miracle. In the past, I could not even wear a partial without gagging. Im very happy with my implant dentures; they are everything Dr. Frey said they would be plus more. The staff is very helpful; they make you feel like family and not just another patient. At this office the main focus is the patient." John

"Dr. Frey and Dr. Pearson work very well together. They are a great team. I am very satisfied with the implants and dentures. I wish I would have done this treatment years ago. The implant dentures are way beyond what I expected. I would definitely recommend these doctors to anyone." Patricia

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