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Until you experience pain or have a dental checkup, you may not realize that you have a condition called "bruxism," a habit of grinding or clenching the teeth at night. Bruxism often occurs in the early part of the night and can disturb sleep partners. Bruxism may be mild and occasional or aggressive and frequent. Although the causes of bruxism are not really known, several factors may be involved. Stressful situations, problems in sleeping, and abnormal bite, and crooked or missing teeth may contribute.

Dr. Frey can fabricate a nightguard to be worn while sleeping. A nightguard is a custom made, clear, acrylic appliance that is usually worn on the upper teeth. These appliances protect the teeth and restorations. By absorbing the forces from clenching and grinding of the teeth, a nightguard can prevent wear and damage.

hard acrylic custom nightguard
Hard Acrylic Custom Nightguard

Nightguard Held in Place by Small Metal Clasps

Nightguard is Comfortable

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