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Implant Supported Dentures

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Implant Supported Fixed Dentures

Implant supported fixed dentures are a way to replace teeth when all or most of the teeth are missing on the upper or lower jaw. This type of prosthesis is sometimes used when a patient cannot tolerate the palate being completely covered. It is more comfortable with less material in the mouth. In the upper jaw, we usually need to have six to eight dental implants while in the lower jaw we can usually use four to five implants. The prosthesis consists of a metal frame screwed onto the implants with teeth and pink plastic added to simulate the teeth and gums. Dr. Frey can remove the appliance by loosening the screws. This is only needed occasionally for maintenance and sometimes for more thorough cleanings. This type of denture is not removable by the patient and since the implants that it is attached to are fused directly to the bone, these tooth replacements are as solid as the original teeth. The chewing power of this denture is much greater than a conventional denture. It is equal to the chewing power of natural teeth.

healing abutments
Implants with Healing Abutments Before Fixed Denture

fixed denture prosthesis
Fixed Denture Prosthesis: Laboratory View

fixed denture prosthesis
Fixed Denture Prosthesis in Position with Access Holes Filled

Implant Supported Removable Dentures

Many people that wear complete upper and lower dentures are unhappy with them. Lower dentures never fit or feel like natural teeth. The good news is that dentures retained by dental implants can solve this problem. Implant supported dentures provide tremendous support and fixation so eating, speaking and smiling is more comfortable. Patients with loose lower dentures are great candidates. Dr. Frey recommends as little as two implant fixtures to hold the denture so that it no longer "floats" around causing soreness and difficulty with chewing.

two lower implants
Two Lower Implants with Connecting Abutments

overdenture with snaps
Overdenture with "Snaps" to Attach to Connecting Abutments

before prosthesis
Before Prosthesis

after prosthesis
After Prosthesis

Of course, the more implants the more secure the denture. These types of dentures are referred to as overdentures and can be removed by the patient. Sometimes an upper overdenture can be supported by six to eight implants to avoid covering the palate. People with dental implants often say they feel better. they look better. they live better.

hopeless upper teeth
Hopeless Upper Teeth with Periodontal (Gum) Desease

upper implant bar
Upper Implant Bar to Support and Attach to Overdenture (after extractions and placement of 6 implants)

upper implant bar
Upper Implant Bar Top View

upper overdenture with snaps
Upper Overdenture with "Snaps" to Attach to Bar (no palate)



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