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Custom Dentures

Temporary Dentures

When it is necessary to remove natural teeth, Dr. Frey will fabricate a temporary complete denture prior to the extractions. After the teeth are extracted the temporary complete denture is placed with a medicated liner to facilitate healing. Dr. Frey follows the patient through out the healing phase very carefully to ensure proper healing and comfort. This process ensures that the patient will never be without teeth.

hopeless teeth
Hopeless Teeth with Periodontal Disease

temporary dentures
Temporary Dentures

Final Custom Dentures

Dr. Frey utilizes a comprehensive approach to develop comfortable final dentures, which give a pleasing facial and dental appearance along with acceptable function. Denture stability and one's ability to chew varies greatly from one individual to another; therefore, Dr. Frey will start your final denture as a "treatment denture" which will be used to condition your oral tissues, to improve dental and facial appearance, and to develop acceptable chewing function.

Every effort will be made so that you will not have "the denture look". When the denture is first delivered to you as a treatment denture, it will have a soft treatment liner between the base and your gums. This soft liner material will help rehabilitate your tissues back to health and at the same time will produce a functional impression of your ridge while you chew. Over time, a series of these liners will be placed, each of which will contribute to the ultimate fit of the final denture.

upper denture
Upper Denture with Soft Treatment Liner

lower denture
Lower Denture with Soft Treatment Liner

When you are completely comfortable, you really like the appearance, and you are satisfied with the degree of function that has been accomplished for your particular oral conditions, the last tissue conditioning in the series will be used as a blueprint for the final reline which will produce your final permanent denture.

upper final denture
Upper Final Denture Tissue Surface

lower final denture
Lower Final Denture Tissue Surface

It must be understood that the Custom Denture Technique is a very time consuming and sophisticated method of denture construction.

Who will benefit from this technique?

  • The patient who has tried everything and has had no satisfaction with conventional dentures needs this service
  • The individual who may not be able to be satisfied without dental implants needs this service in order to improve the bite and determine optimum tooth position
  • The individual who wants the very best in a personalized denture needs this service

final complete denture
Final Complete Denture: Laboratory View

final complete denture
Final Complete Denture

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